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LibRary project

опубліковано 16 трав. 2013 р., 01:32 Artem Nikitin   [ оновлено 16 трав. 2013 р., 01:46 користувачем Artem Nikitin ]
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Books into the hands, knowledge into the heads

Aim of a project: collect high-quality used college text books for Ukrainian students which                                    they could not afford.

Everyone will agree that there is a straight correlation between education and the way how society uses its potential. Ukraine can be proud of its active young generation with a lot of perspectives that lives and studies here and wants to help other people and wants to change the world for the better.

However because of some circumstances (maybe historical ones) there are very limited resources of foreign language books in students’ libraries. And we all understand that without literature and science world’s achievements it is very difficult to receive high quality, valuable education that will let unite our forces with world community. Unfortunately most of those books are not translated into our native language.

But we are glad that Ukrainian students are looking for opportunities to learn, to get as more as they can. And we would love to create necessary conditions for them.

That’s why RAC Kyiv-Centre initiated new international project the aim of which is to collect high-quality used college text books for Ukrainian students which they could not afford. We hope for your club’s support in this project. For that you can collect good-quality used college text books from universities in your home towns (the old editions are also desirable very much). These books can relate to any sphere of studying (classical Science, Philology, Economics, Sociology…in other words, any sphere), preferred language – English. Then, we will kindly ask you to send these books to us.

Collected books will be placed in American Library, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, where the corner of Rotaract will be created as well, so our movement will be promoted again and again. It is the best possible allocation because:
1) location is in the center of Kyiv;
2) easy access for everyone (free access for students of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, and only “$1 per year” for other students);
3) open-space library (free access to books, no pre-ordering is required);
4) comfortable studying zone with free wi-fi.

Contact person – Sergii Nedobor
+38 050 414 6568